Tribute to My Mother: Sylvia Ann Reel

Lovingly submitted by: Michelle Reel Drye

Years ago, there was a little girl born into a life of horror. At the age of 5 her battles were many, and her little heart was full of fear and hate. She was beaten in front of people with shoes, hosepipes and other objects. Her nights were never filled with peace as a little child should have because she always had to run from her grandpas and stepfather.

At the age of nine, she heard of a man named Jesus and she called upon Him for help. The Lord heard the cry of a child’s broken heart and He came to fill it with grace. That Grace would be what would carry her over the mountains ahead.

She married a man and thought her life would be as a princess. That was not the case as yet because her husband had many trials to go through himself. After years of his cheating and putdowns she still loved him and fought for a change in him. During this time she had two children and two miscarriages. She knew God was real and that He loved her very much. She taught her children the love of God. She also taught them of the dangers of child molesters and pointed out harmful situations. This mother wanted her children to understand and be aware of their surroundings. Every lesson was in parable or story form so the child could catch and understand the teaching. This mom wanted the cycle of hate and fear to stop with her and not go on to the next generation.

Eventually her husband received Christ into his heart therefore becoming a different man. He was so grateful to his wife for holding on and believing in him. Her children had every need meet. Her daughter never had to run from grandpas or anywhere else and every night was filled with peaceful sleep. I know…. Because I’m her little girl.

Now with three children of my own, my life is filled with love for all people and my home is a happy one. My past is filled with good memories and my life is so full because of my mom. She’s not here with us any longer and did not live to see any of my children. But if I could talk to her now, this is what I would say:

I wish you were here to see the beautiful fruit that you helped to bear. I would like to thank you for believing in a greater call for your life therefore you set a higher standard to live by. I’m here mom, and I do remember every lesson you taught me and I am passing it on, just as I whispered I would in your ear that day when you were dying. I love you very much and you are the wind beneath my wings.

Your baby girl.

Michelle Reel Drye.

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