Tribute to My Friend: Barbara Minter

Lovingly submitted by: Kadie

There's a wonderful woman who is part of my life.
She applauds me in good times and consoles me in strife.
She sends little emails to brighten my day,
Some remind me to laugh, others prompt me to pray.
She shares news and updates on family events,
Letting me know what's been happening since.
I've watched all her grandkids grow up in size
Experiencing all through her proud, loving eyes.
We confide during hard times, when one of us is sad.
We dish during good times, and vent when we're mad.
We've shared pictures and postcards, tips on good buys,
And recipes for chocolate and coconut pies!
We both like to travel, and we like to explore.
We love country music, shopping and more.
Our bond is unique, truly one of a kind,
And the longer I know her the more that I find
Despite all the distance and time that has passed,
We have a connection destined to last.
She's a "mom" that I cherish and a friend I adore
With a place in my heart like no one before.
Though it's been many years since I've seen her sweet face,
She's remains someone special who will never be replaced.

With love always,