Tribute to My Friend: Gloria Lane

Lovingly submitted by: Beautiful Dreamer

Without a doubt, one of the most inspiring individuals I have ever known is a remarkable woman named Gloria Lane. Gloria is an amazing individual who defies description: She is strong and courageous, gentle and kind. She is intelligent and dedicated, curious and open-minded. She is a woman of stature, and a woman of sweet vulnerability. She is a practical visionary with enormous dreams. Gloria is a unique and incomparable lady, and best of all, she is my partner and friend. 

Gloria reminds of a regal cat, for she has lived many lives and has this way of landing on her feet, no matter what is happening around her. Gloria has dined with dignitaries, movie stars, nobel laureates and heads of state. She is friend to the famous and sister to the woman on the street. She served her country as an esteemed member of the US military, and serves the world as a professor of Women's Studies and the founder of an international organization dedicated to honoring and empowering women. Gloria is the keeper of a thousand stories, and holds a starring role in many of its' most exciting chapters. She is writing a new pages of her life every day, and I can hardly wait to read what happens next! 

There is much I can share about Gloria, and hope to do so at a later time. For today, I just wanted to tell Gloria, and the world, how much she means to me, and how grateful I am to have her in my life. Gloria, thank you for inspiring my dreams nearly every day for the past ten years.

You are truly one of a kind ~ and I love you. Always... 

"Twin Flame"


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