Tribute to My Mother: Dorothy M Ehret

Lovingly submitted by: Julia

I am 7 of 8 children raised by my mother Dorothy M. Ehret. My oldest two brothers died while in their 20's. They were both college students at the time. It may not be coincidental that the following 5 children did not attend college. The 8th child graduated from Notre Dame University. He figured, someone had to do it.

Mom is loving with seldom a harsh word. She is now in her 80's and lost her husband (Dad) in February of 2007. John, the Notre Dame alumnus, looks after mom with his wife Kay. The rest of us kids live in other cities and states and visit mom as time and money permits. It never feels often enough.

I raise my children with large amounts of praise and dole out the discipline sparingly. Mom's loving spirit prevails throughout all the trials and tribulations of her life, and it remains alive in me and in each of us, her children, who love and respect her, as we show through how we handle our own lives trials and tribulations, and the circle of love and goodwill continues through our children.