Define "credit" in dictionary terms and the first associations you see are the inner qualities: Words like Faith; Acknowledgement; Belief; Confidence; Appreciation; Honor; and Trust. Only after these human elements of "credit" are noted and established do the definitions shift to more external applications related to investments, lending, etc.

At Give Her Credit, our goal is to amplify all aspects of this powerful principle. By paying tribute to women one story at a time, we elevate awareness as we elevate personal esteem. And when we Give Her Credit in these tangible ways -- words, energy and deeds -- we honor the contributions of millions of women and transform lives from the inside out.

It is no secret that women and girls continue to bear an unjust burden across the world. In many countries, female children are denied basic or secondary education, then forced to marry at an alarmingly early age. Millions of women and girls are trafficked each year, and in some regions, children are aborted or abandoned solely because they are female.

In addition, Women are:

* 70 percent of the poorest and most vulnerable people on earth;
* Two-thirds of the world's illiterate people;
* 7 of 10 hungry people in the world;
* Owners of only one percent of the world's farmland;
* Dying at a rate of 500,000 each year from preventable complications of pregnancy.

Meanwhile, women are now being seen as the key to ending global poverty, and the issue of gender equality and women's empowerment is receiving support and attention worldwide. Investing in women and girls, as recipients and as agents of change, has proven to be one of the most effective strategies and moral commitments of our time.

Give Her Credit  is committed to being part of this sea-change in awareness, mobilization and hope. "If every man and woman who is able would "pay tribute" to just one deserving woman in their life, and "Give Credit" to just one woman who is striving to make a difference for herself and her family, the world as we know it would be forever changed."

Tell Her Story...and help make poverty History.