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Delores Avery
Dorothy M. Ehret
Mary McLean
Gloria Lane
Barbara Livingston
Barbara Scott
Barbara Minter
Lena Patterson
Elizabeth Dering
Sylvia Ann Reel
Xialian Lu
Helen Anderson
Xialian Lu ~ My mother is the most independent woman I have known in my life. And because of the way she has lived her life and the way she brought me up, I have learned how to be a woman with the kind of self-respect that all women need to have but a lot of other women are lack of. As I look around and see how many women ruin themselves for the lack of self-respect, I feel so grateful to my mother for being the best role model for women and having expected the same from me. READ MORE...
Dorothy M Ehret ~ I am 7 of 8 children raised by my mother Dorothy M. Ehret. My oldest two brothers died while in their 20's. They were both college students at the time. It may not be coincidental that the following 5 children did not attend college. The 8th child graduated from Notre Dame University. He figured, someone had to do it. READ MORE...

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